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Day 28 – The Power Of The Omnipotent



SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: Jeremiah 23:23-24.


  1. O Lord, You have the Power to rewrite every wrong in my life today. Change my story to glory, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  2. Father, You are the Omnipotent, the all Powerful God. You can do anything, and with You all things are possible. Therefore, make me an evidence of Your Omnipotence, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  3. O Lord, as many foes that gather against my life, by Your Power of the Omnipotence, use one among them to cause confusion in their camp, and scatter them, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  4. Father, sustain me by Yourself, for You sustained me in my mother’s womb. I cannot carry myself, neither can I sustain myself. Father, carry me all throughout my life, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  5. Thank God, and soak our prayers in the Blood of Jesus Christ.


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