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Day 21 – I Shall Be Beautified





  1. Father, every plan of the wicked against my life, let it come upon themselves, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  2. Father, Lord, even now that things are terribly gloomy, you can make greatness out of me; because I believe, Father, make me great even at this time of the year, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the most Powerful name!

  3. Father, troubling times shall not find me! Abba Father, hide me in Your Pavilion, that I may be safe and secured, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  4. Father, in this troubling times, lift me up above every for of difficulty, and deliver me from the will of all my enemies, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  5. Soak and cover your prayers in the Blood of Jesus Christ.


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